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Best Caregiver Pager Systems
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Best Caregiver Pager Systems

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Best Caregiver Pager Systems

Caregivers frequently find themselves between the rock and a hard place when it comes to supervising their patient.  On one hand, they cannot sit next to the other’s bed 24/7, but they dare not leave either since they might not be able to respond in time during an emergency.  In an effort to grant peace of mind for both the patient and their supporters, the medical industry suggests the use of caregiver pagers.  The system uses the same one-button technology as a medical alert system, but it notifies a caregiver next door instead of a remote operator.  These pagers are recommended for bedridden elderly, recovering or disabled patients, people living with serious medical conditions (dementia, diabetes, stroke), and even parents so that they keep in touch with their children.

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