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Daytech Smart Security is a leading Elderly Security Equipment (ESE) brand with a global footprint. Present in more than 80 countries across 6 continents, we are a reliable partner for medical supplies stores, nursing homes, hospitals.

With 8 years of devolope and research experiences, we have established ourself as a key player in the Elederly Security Equipment (ESE) industry as an integrated manufacturer and empower our clients to have a meaningful career in their own countries.


In Daytech, we have developed products keeping in mind the scenarios our older friends might need assistance would be utilized in. Our range of products are dependable and easy to use..

Professional Elderly Caring Products
Ever worried about elderly and senior members are in need of help when there is no one to turn to? 
Ever dreamt that you could focus on work while keeping an eye on your loved ones?
One Gentle Pressour caregiver pager will you timely by sound, light, vibration, phone, you can get help well or you will know someone need help in time.
Daytech Mission is to make Home Care easy, improve quality of life for our senior family member, and provide them  peace of mind and respected lives...
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The Most Unforgetable Christmas I Ever Had

I wanted to do something different for my Daytech families. So I dressed like Santa. And I came with gifts.There is too much to say to them in 2023, and there is much to do in 2024.Also, there is so many thank-yous I need to say to every one of you

Missed the HK Electronics Expo? Some Info of Home care for you Info from HK Electronics Expo Feedback from Customers

Hi Fellows,We just came back from the HK Electronics Expo.Thank you so much that we met in our boothBelow are some of the main demands from two majority markets on the expo1. Japanese marketThe most aged society in the world. · The customers need a small and easy-to-use indoor device to call the hel

Stories on How We Help To Get People Know Elderly Diseases: Episode 1 Dementia

There are 35 million dementia patients worldwide, and it is said to increase to 115 million by 2050——WHO

Daytech A Good Life in Old Age

A Good Life in Old AgeMore Happiness for SeniorMore Peace of Mind for YoungMonitoring and Improving Quality in Long-term CareAs aging societies are pushing a growing number of frail old people into needing care, delivering quality long-term care services – care that is safe, effective, and responsiv

Thank you for coming to Daytech. If you are in need of a vibration pager to get you alert when you sleep, I have just the right one for you.

As a wrist pager, You can wear it on your wrist as a watch, and carry it anywhere in daily life.As for the calling button, your loved ones can clip it on the belt with back clip. Or wear it as a necklace.When people press the button within 200 meters, the pager will be instantly triggered, vibrate a

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