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I wanted to do something different for my Daytech families. So I dressed like Santa. And I came with gifts.There is too much to say to them in 2023, and there is much to do in 2024.Also, there is so many thank-yous I need to say to every one of you



Missed the HK Electronics Expo? Some Info of Home care for you Info from HK Electronics Expo Feedback from Customers
Hi Fellows,We just came back from the HK Electronics Expo.Thank you so much that we met in our boothBelow are some of the main demands from two majority markets on the expo1. Japanese marketThe most aged society in the world. · The customers need a small and easy-to-use indoor device to call the hel



Stories on How We Help To Get People Know Elderly Diseases: Episode 1 Dementia
There are 35 million dementia patients worldwide, and it is said to increase to 115 million by 2050——WHO



Product Manual
The following discounts are automatically applied to orders placed for products throughout the store:Get 25% off your entire order with a minimum purchase of $900Get 20% off your entire order with a minimum purchase of $700Get 16% off your entire order with a minimum purchase of $500Get 13% off your



Recommended Caregiver Pager Systems
This pager system by Smart Caregiver is a best seller in its category. The set includes two callers and an alarm, all of which are easy to use. The devices are linked by a strong signal, so even if the caregiver is at the other end of the house the alarm will still be triggered. As for the dispatche



Daytech Caregiver Pager
Daytech's pager set includes two help buttons and a receiver. Interestingly, the two buttons are colored red and blue, so an elderly couple can distinguish their own device. Alternatively, patients can use a single device and use the other as a backup in case the battery goes down. Speaking of batte
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