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Wireless Intercom Home Monitering System

What is Intercom Monitering System?

1. At least two units are required.
This Serie is for product of voice. These products enable customer to get attention, comunicate, discuss without distance when they aren't in the same place.

Why choose it?

1. there is no monthly fee required, no phonebill.
2. it's highly extendable intercom system, one to multi, multi to one, one to one, multi to multi
3. Real time communication without delay
4. Long working range(500-1500 meters)
5. Easy to set up, not need wiress, set up anywhere.

How it works?

1. When one unit is calling, will send RF wireless signal to other units to ring and speak.
2. One unit can work with one or multiple units.
3. As long as units under same code and same channel, you can pair them into a system so they can work with each other.
4. Also, you can order more units when you demands increase. Or make them into smaller groups.