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Daytech CC05 Wireless Caregiver senior button Pager
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Daytech CC05 Wireless Caregiver senior button Pager

  • CC05WH-BB01 3-1

  • Daytech

Emergency Home Elderly Patient care pager calling system

Product Description

The Feature of Caregiver Pager
1. The Caregiver pager, the Idea is for Both Caregiver and Patient/Elderly/Resident/Handicapped/Sick Freedom while Still calling for Help at home. Not need to yell to Get Someone’s Attention.
2. is convenient for Caregiver portable. It can be took anywhere such as in Pocket/in Bag/Outside/Garden/Upstair/Downstair.
3. Operating Range is 500+ Feet in open Area.
4. SOS Transmitter Is Easy Carry. It can be Put in Pocket or Hang on neck as Pendant. Neck Strap included. Push Call Button is Waterproof. Acceptable for Fixed in Bedside/Washing Room.
5. The Button transmitter requires a 23A 12V Alkaline battery.Easy installation
Approx. 500+ft operation range (open air)
Working voltage of Receiver:110-260V
Button Waterproof Standard: IPX5
4 Levels of volume from 0dB to 110dB
55 Ringtones.The default ringtone is “Ding-Dong”
Battery in Button Transmitter:12V 23A Alkaline Battery
Battery in Portable Pager:AAA BatteryDetail-01Detail-02Detail-03Detail-04Detail-05Detail-06

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