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Daytech CC16-3-6 wireless pager system wholesale elderly care pager
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Daytech CC16-3-6 wireless pager system wholesale elderly care pager

  • CC16-3-6

  • Daytech

  • LARGER WORKING RANGE: 2 plug-in receivers with digital number display and 6 call alarm buttons. With a receiving range of 500 feet/150 meters, two digital number receivers can make the receiving range wider. You can put one in the bedroom and the other on different places of different floors/hallways or anywhere, as long as there is a plug socket
  • SET NUMBERS for DIFFERENT CALL BUTTONS: Each call button for different number. You can put call buttons in every activity area, so you can get help anywhere any time.This number caregiver pager can show caregiver/ medical personnel exact location or room number where signal is coming from. It's a perfect device for places like nursing house/ hospital/ clinics/ Partments/ restaurants/ bars etc
  • LED NUMBER DISPLAY: The digital display caregiver pager is equipped with LED flash, which can be used even at night to know who is calling for help, and caregivers with hearing impairment can also use it. The led light of the call button will light up when the power is low. Don't worry about the power problem
  • EFFECTIVE & POWERFUL CAREGIVER PAGER SYSTEM: The caregiver pager with strong penetration, it can be used in 2 or 3 floors of residential buildings. The rescue call buzzer has 38 ringing tones, with 5-level adjustable volume from 0db to 110db. The sound is loud enough. You can freely adjust your favorite music and appropriate volume
  • PORTABLE CALL BUTTON: There is a clip on the back of each SOS call button, which can be used as a call pendant, equipped with a rope, can be worn around the neck, can be hung on the bedside or the hook on the bathroom wall, etc

Product Description

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More Free for Caregivers at home

With the caregiver pager, you can freely do your own work, housework or other things.

And the receiver is with digital display, it can help you quickly identify who is asking for help.

There are 5 levels volume from 0 to 110dB and 38 ringtone.

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