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Daytech Home Elderly Wireless Caregiver Pager LED Nurse Alert System
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Daytech Home Elderly Wireless Caregiver Pager LED Nurse Alert System

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  • Daytech

  • Portable Wireless Pager: The wireless pager system comes with 6 wireless call buttons and 2 portable receivers. It allows the caregiver or nursing staff to go to other jobs freely and enjoy a good rest without shouting to get someone's attention.
  • Digital digital display and LED flashing light: With the digital display receiver with LED flashing light, you can quickly know who/where to call and need our help. The receiver comes with 38 kinds of ringtones and 5 levels of adjustable volume, from 0db to 110db, enough to hear. You can freely adjust your favorite music and volume.
  • Easy to use: The call button is portable and can be put in your pocket, hung around your neck, or fixed on your belt and placed on your desk. Simply press the SOS call button to seek help and assistance from nursing staff.
  • Multi-scenario applications: The Nurse Call System has a large signal reception range with an open area of up to 800 feet (approximately 243.8 meters) and the button is waterproof. It is suitable for small homes or nursing units. It can also be paired with additional receivers or call buttons to expand your range of use.
  • Take care of your family: This panic button for elder care paging systems is designed for children, the elderly, pregnant women, disabled patients and people with disabilities. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions during use.

Product Description

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Daytech Wireless Caregiver Pager--Perfect Gift for Elderly

The Wireless Caregiver Pager is specifically designed for the elderly, sick and disabled to quickly send a caregiver alert or medical alert to their caregiver/family. When the SOS button of the panic button is pressed, the receiver will immediately play music for alert to avoid shouting. The button with lanyard can be worn as a pendant or carried in a pocket. The receiver has 38 ringtones and 5 volume levels up to 110 decibels to meet your needs to make your life better.

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Wireless Caregiver Pager make you life more better

The wireless caregiver alarm is designed for the elderly, the disabled,the sick,child,pregnant woman.The receiver will ring when receiver receive the signal.If they encounter an emergency and just need help, This will remind the caregivers need to help them immediately. This provides caregivers with more independence.

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