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HI05 2023 Full Duplex Two-way Intercom Wireless Doorbell Manufacturer 200 Meter Range Wireless Intercom Doorbell Rechargeable
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HI05 2023 Full Duplex Two-way Intercom Wireless Doorbell Manufacturer 200 Meter Range Wireless Intercom Doorbell Rechargeable

  • HI05 1-1

  • Daytech

【Work Out of Box】
Our wireless doorbells for home have passed BSCI certification and FCC certification. Get rid of those traditional doorbells that don't communicate. Enjoy the safety and confidentiality of our amazing intercom doorbell! This wireless doorbell has been paired before delivery so that it can be used out of the box.
【 Full Duplex Doorbell 】
Intercom doorbell brings you closer to your visitors by allowing hands free and real time two-way communication. You can talk to your visitors directly through this wireless intercom doorbell without having to get up to answer the door. Whether indoors or outdoors, you can experience the convenience of two-way communication with a full duplex doorbell.
【Powerful Intercom Doorbell 】
This Wireless Doorbell will be your best choice! It also offers 4 different ringtones and 8 adjustable volumes in an open space range of more than 1,000 feet, and it can be paired with multiple doorbells for added convenience, so you won't miss any visitors. This outdoor wireless doorbell is by far the most convenient option for your home and business.
【High Quality Door bell】
Our intercom doorbell light indicator and a low-battery voice notification make sure you are always aware of its status. Always ready for any weather, can work in the temperature range of -4 °F to 140 °F. Two doorbell installation methods have been carefully designed for you to choose from. Each outdoor wireless doorbell transmitter is equipped with screws at the bottom to secure it against anyone who takes it away.
【Wireless Doorbell Kit】 
Love it or your money back! We are confident about this intercom doorbell, but if you have any questions, please feel free to let us know for efficient support! Doorbell Chime including:1outdoor transmitter and 1 doorbell receiver, double-sided mounting tape, anchors, screws, power cords, a power brick, a charging stand, and user instruction.

Product Description

Products Description
Special Features
Special Features: Two-way Audio
Two-way intercom Wireless Doorbell
ABS Plastic
Power supply
4 Ringtones
Volume level
USB Charging
doorbell wireless

Are You Looking for A Wireless Intercom Doorbell?

Get rid of those complicated, traditional doorbells that don't convey. Our full duplex intercom doorbell allows two-way hands-free communication. You can talk to your visitors before opening the door to bring you closer together. When you hear the doorbell ringtones from the outside doorbell transmitter, just press the answer button to have a hands-free conversation. OWNZNN wireless intercom doorbell will be your best choice! Enjoy a safe and reliable space with our amazing doorbell!


  • Full Duplex & Hands-Free

  • 4 Door Chime & 8 Volume Levels

  • Working range 1000ft; LED Flash

  • Battery-operated wireless design; Waterproof

Ready for any weather doorbell withstands temperature range -4°F to 140°F. In addition, our full-duplex doorbell is equipped with LED lights that are clearly visible even in the dark, making it ideal for the elderly and the hearing-impaired. Wireless doorbells are widely used in front doors of apartments, families, villas, offices, or workshops to meet guests. Whether indoor or outdoor, you can experience the convenience of full-duplex doorbell hands-free communication.

Designed to be compact and powerful in an open space, wireless doorbells for home have a range of more than 1,000 feet. LED indicator and the doorbell voice prompt to ensure that you always know its status. (Please refer to the instruction manual for more voice prompts)

Fits on all types of anywhere


  1. Long press the doorbell receiver 'POWER' button for 3 seconds to hear the 'POWER ON' voice prompt

  2. Press the Transmitter 'CALL' button

  3. The receiver rings and presses the 'Answer' button to enter the call status

  4. When the call is over, please press the 'HANG UP' button


  • On a full charge, the outdoor front door transmitter lasts four months, and the doorbell receiver lasts about a week. (Please charge the doorbell transmitter and receiver before first use)

  • The doorbell Transmitter's BATTERY is LOW, the receiver will sound an 'OUTDOOR BATTERY LOW' voice prompt every 20 seconds for a total of five times; The doorbell Receiver's BATTERY is LOW, it will send a voice prompt every 20 seconds until it is turned off. (If the receiver runs out of power and turns off, turn it on when fully charged)

  • When charging the transmitter, the LED light is red and when it is fully charged, the light goes out

  • (1) When the receiver is turned off for charging, the LED lights up in red, and when fully charged, the light goes out (Remember to turn on and use it after fully charging)

  • (2) When the receiver is turned on for charging, the LED lights up in red but flashes blue every 5 seconds, indicating that the receiver is charging. When the receiver is fully charged, the light goes out, and when it is in standby mode, the LED flashes blue every five seconds

  • If multiple sets of doorbells are set to the SAME CODE, various receivers ring at the same time, and as long as one receiver answers, the other receiver does not ring

  • If the doorbell rings for 20 seconds and no one answers, it stops ringing.

  • If the receiver and transmitter are too close to communicating, the microphone will beep. In this case, please don't worry that you just need to separate them from each other.

We sincerely recommend that you read the instructions before using our DOORBELLS. If you encounter any questions, please feel free to leave us a message and we will answer all your questions within 24 hours.

change the chime

Change the ringtone

Press the [hang-up] key for 5 seconds, you will hear a beep sound while hold the button, please keep holding the button till hear a ringtone sound to release. (4 Chimes available)change the volume level

Change the volume level

Step 1: Press the [Call] key;

Step 2: Press the [VOL-] or [VOL+] key to adjust the volume level;

Step 3: Press the [Hang up] key to submit the setting.

You will hear a [DO-DO] sound when the volume level is on the Max or Min level. (8 Volume levels available)

Thoughtful Design for Installationsupport hane on the neck

Lanyard Hole

The lanyard hole on the intercom is designed for lanyards, you can use a lanyard to hang on the intercom to your neck (The lanyard is not provided).

support wall mounted

Wall-mounted Hole

The wall-mounted hole on the back of the intercom is designed to mount the intercom to the wall. You can put it on the bedside wall so that you can use it without holding the intercom (The screw is not provided).

full-duplex intercom

Full Duplex Intercom System

Free hands-full duplex intercom system brings more convenience and effective life for us!

rechargeable battery

Rechargeable Battery

Rechargeable battery help us use fewer batteries, which reduces costs and burdens the environment.

Type-C Port

Type-C Charge Port

Type-C charge port makes charging easy.

easy to charge

2 Way to Charge

You can use the cable directly to connect the intercom to the outlet to charge or use the charge station to charge to protect your device!

Quick Start

quick start
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