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Basic Knowledge of Millimeter Wave Radar for Fall Prevention
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Basic Knowledge of Millimeter Wave Radar for Fall Prevention

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Basic knowledge of millimeter wave radar


Millimeter wave radar (mmWave Rader) uses millimeter waves as electromagnetic waves to send signals. It captures and processes the reflected signals of electromagnetic waves passing through obstacles in the path to obtain information such as the speed, distance, azimuth and altitude of the target object.

Millimeter waves have a wavelength range of 0-10mm, which is considered a short wavelength in the electromagnetic spectrum. Using millimeter waves as electromagnetic wave signals can obtain high-precision ranging information, and the antenna can also be made smaller and more compact to reduce the size of the equipment. Millimeter wave systems operating at 76–81GHz (corresponding to a wavelength of approximately 4mm) will be able to detect movements as small as a few tenths of a millimeter.

2.Classification of radar

• The frequency band of the emitted electromagnetic wave determines the basic performance characteristics of the radar

• Over-the-horizon radar, microwave radar, millimeter wave radar, lidar,…

• Classified by use: military, weather, navigation, vehicle

• Classified by wavelength: meters, decimeters, centimeters, millimeters

• Classified by waveform: pulse, continuous wave

3.Classified by wavelength and use

• Long wave radar (meter, decimeter), low resolution, strong penetration

➢Generally used for broadcasting, military early warning, satellite communications, etc.

• Short wave radar (centimeter, millimeter), high resolution, poor penetration

➢Generally used for surveying and mapping, short-range communications, vehicle applications, etc.

4.General Usage of millimeter wave radar

1) Distance measurement

2) Speed measurement

3) Angle detection

5. Application scenarios in the field of millimeter wave radar robots

1) Navigation and obstacle avoidance

2) Multi-target tracking on mobile platforms

3) 3D perception and mapping


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