Specified Commercial Transaction Act

CC05+CC06+ E-01W+BB01


CC05+CC06+ E-01W+BB01

  • CC05-1-1W

  • Daytech

  • Portable caregiver pager: You can carry the USB receiver with you or stick it up anywhere with magnetic sticker. The receiver has a magnet on the back. The plug receiver is easy to install.an Off button set to prevent noise.
  • One Gentle Press to call out for help: You can wear the blue call button around your neck, or attach it to your bed, bathroom, or hang it by your side. It's easy for you to get help quickly, and button and the receiver can work in open areas up to 500 feet. The watch call button can be used within 100 feet and is not easily lost. Both call buttons can send signals to two receivers
  • Good Performance Caregiver Pager: The plug-in receiver has 55 ringtones and 5 volume levels (0-110dB) for you to choose from. USB rechargeable portable receiver has 5 music (including silent mode) and 4 volume levels (0-10dB) to choose from
  • Multi-Function Notice Device: The caregiver pager system for caregivers can be used in many places, such as homes, apartments, offices, hotels, warehouses, hospitals, nursing homes, etc
  • PERFECT AFTER-SALES SERVICE: If there is any problem during the use, please contact Daytech customer service by email, we will handle questions from customers.

Product Description

Product introduction:

This caregiver system has two different type of receivers and two type of transmitters.

· Receiver 1: CC06 rechargeable portable pager

· Receiver 2: CC05WH plug-in pager

· Transmitter 1: E-01W dry ceil wrist push button

· Transmitter 2: BB01 dry ceil IP45 waterproofed push button

All the item are paired into a system, so when then buttons are pushed, both pager will be triggered.

But if you want them to work seperately, just follow the unpairing process on the pager to make it into smaller systems.



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