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CC17+ DS14 Wireless Door Chime
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CC17+ DS14 Wireless Door Chime

  • CC17+DS14

  • Daytech

What is it?
1. The wireless door chime needs to plug in the power socket, so you cannot carry around with it.
2. The magnetic sensor is taped up on the door or windows.
3. When two parts of magnetic sensor apart, the door chime will ring/flash to alert caregivers.
4. You can set it up in your most active places like living room/ kitchens/ bedrooms
5. Wireless door chime is used to alert open doors or windows,
How it works?
1. When the transmitter is triggered, will send RF wireless signal to receiver to alarm, ring/flash.
2. One transmitter can work with one or multiple receivers, and also multi transmitters can work with one or multiple receivers.
Also, plug-in pagers can work with other type of pagers, as long as you pair them into a system.
3. Follow the paring process and pair them into a system so they can work with each other.
4. Also, you can order parts when you demands increase. Or make them into smaller systems.
Why choose it?
1. There is no monthly required, no need to put in batteries.
2. You don't need to carry it around, just set it up in your regular living spaces
3. Plug-in and play, no complex installation

Product Description

Product Description

[ Wireless & Effortless Installation ] - Be farewell to the hassles of wired installations! Setting up our wireless door sensor is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply plug in the Receiver and attach the wireless door sensor to your door or window – it's that simple! Once paired, whenever your door or window opens, the receiver will instantly chime, providing you with peace of mind.

‍‍‍[ Protect Your Loved Ones ] - Safety always comes first. Our door chime system acts as a guardian, alerting you to any unusual activity. It's perfect for keeping an eye on kids sneaking out of their rooms or for added security when someone tries to open your door or window at night. It's not just a door chime; it's your family's safety companion.

[ Customizable Alerts ] - Express your personality with 55 unique ringtones to choose from, ranging in style to match your preferences. Adjust the volume to suit your surroundings, with five levels of volume control ranging from a soft 0dB to a loud 110dB. Plus, the seven colorful LED flash indicators ensure you won't miss a thing, even when the receiver is muted.

[ Extended Range ] - With an impressive 1000ft (300m) open area range, our wireless door chime ensures that you'll hear the bell ring no matter where you are in your home or office. Whether you're upstairs, in the garden, or a few rooms away, this entry alert chime has you covered. Simply plug it into an outlet and attach the door sensor to any doors or windows.

wireless door sensor chime

Door entry chime

Door chime for business/home/store/apartment when entering,You will never miss a visitor

plug in receiver
For your safety

Daytech is a company dedicated to security products, including wireless doorbells, bedwetting alarms, pet doorbells, etc.. As a development direction, we are committed to providing high-quality products. Versatile and affordable, we are always working to improve the design and quality of our products based on buyer feedback.

  • wireless door sensor chime

  • door chime for business when enterting

  • door chime when door open for home

  • wireless door alert

  • door entry chime

Door Chime, Daytech Wireless Door Entry Contact Sensor Alert

1000 FT Range, 55 Ringtones and 5 Volume Levels for Business/Store/Home/Office When Entering

Do you worry about children or elderly people sneaking out of the house or opening windows while you are doing other things?

Do you worry about falling asleep in the middle of the night when a bad guy opens your door to break into your bedroom?

If you have a hearing impaired elderly, this receiver is with seven kinds of light flashing, even in silent mode can be used as a reminder to open the door.

Our wireless door sensor chime can meet all your needs.

  • 7 kinds of light flashing

  • 55 ringtones and 5 volume (including mute mode)

  • Easy to use/Easy to install

  • Expandable System with the Same Brand Parts

  • IP55 waterproof door sensor chime

Door Open Alarm for Business and Home

door chime for store when entering

Scare away thieves when they open the door

protect your kid

As a store opening reminder

Keeping your family safe

Prevent your children from opening doors and windows

Why choose us?

7 colour LED flash light

 Speaker Upgraded

How to replace the battery

waterproof door sensor

7 Colour Flash Light

When someone rings the doorbell, the receiver will display 7 different colors. Provide additional protection for the hearing impaired. Even in silent mode, you will not miss the doorbell.


55 types of ringtones and five volume modes can be adjusted, and you can set it to silent mode when you don't want to be disturbed, and the eye-catching flashing lights can also remind you

Easy to replace battery

Our wireless doorbell is very easy to replace the battery, when the battery life is up you only need to spend a small amount of money to go to the local grocery store can be buried 23A battery and then easily replaced to continue to use 1-2 years

Waterproof Door Sensor

The wireless door sensor has an IP55 waterproof rating. You can use it with confidence whether it is installed indoors or outdoors.

Super easy to install

Plug in the Reciever

Install the Contact Sensor

 Trigger the Sensor

Step1:Plug in the Reciever

You can choose your own favorite ringtone

Step2:Install the Contact Sensor

Mind the 1cm max distance between two parts.

Step3:Trigger the Door Sensor Chime

This completes the installation

Believe Daytech Wireless Door Chime, You will Love It.

door chime

Technical Details

ITEM WEIGHT ‎0.317 ounces
PACKAGE DIMENSIONS ‎3.74 x 3.46 x 2.91 inches
SIZE ‎1 Sensor&1 Receiver
COLOR ‎White
VOLTAGE ‎12 Volts

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