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LC01+ DS04 Wireless Door Chime
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LC01+ DS04 Wireless Door Chime

  • LC01+ DS04

  • Daytech

Door Ringer with 980ft Operating Range 55 Chime Adjustable

Product Description

EASY TO INSTALL: Wireless door sensor chime is easy to set up than wired chimes. Just stick the wireless door sensor on the flat surface (door or window) and plug in the receiver. The sensor and receiver are paired already, then open the door or window, the receiver will ring

PROTECT YOUR FAMILY AND DOOR ENTRY CHIME: The Door open alarm will give you a fast signal if your kids or the elderly who sneak out the house and remind you if someone coming at night. The Wireless door chime also widely use in business and store
Must Have: 980 FT Reliable long working range and 20 Door Sensors Expandable, nice entry alert chime when door open for home and business
MUTE TO 110 DB & 55 CHIME: 55 ringtones wth 5 adjustable volume levels. The max volume 110 dB is so lound that you will never miss any alert. When you don't want to disturb you and your family, just set it to mude mode


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