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Calling System
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Wireless Calling System For Elderly Monitering

What is a Calling System?

1. There are two parts of this system: Receivers(The screen) for help provider
Transmitters(sos buttons) for the ones in need of special attention
2. There are different types of receivers and transmitters for different needs, and normally they can work together or work seperately

Why choose it?

1.There is no monthly required. No need phone bill or Wifi
2.Easy installation for everyone
3.This is extremely useful when you need to keep an eye for many people. LED Screen will show you which button is press and offer help in time.

How it works?

1. When the transmitter is triggered, will send RF wireless signal to the screen to alert which one is in need, ring and flash.
2. One transmitter can work with one or multiple receivers, and also multi transmitters can work with one or multiple receivers.
Also, These calling system can work with pagers, as long as you pair them into a system.
3. Follow the paring process and pair them into a system so they can work with each other.
4. Also, you can order parts when you demands increase. Or make them into smaller systems.

Extendable Pager System

One gENTLE pRESS on the button, give you a peace of mind
· Ring/flash/vibrate
· Dry cell Battery powered
· adjustable volume,
· 20 Ringtone to choose
· For hearing or eye problem.
· one to multi, multi to multi
How does this calling system work?
How to pair button or sensor to receiver?

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