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WIFI GSM TUYA Home Alarm System Kits

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What is an Alarm System?

1. There are two main parts of this system: Alarm Pannel(The control host) for setting and checking.
Sensors and extended accessories (Motion sensor, magnetic sensor, wireless siren, solar strobe,smoke detecor, water sensor etc.) for the detecting danger and treads
2. The system is working by wireless RF. When you connect it to wifi, you will get notice from tuya app on your phone. When you put in SIM card in the host, you will get SMS message notice or phone call alert, and you can use SMS code to control it(even without Wifi)

Why Your Clients Need an Alarm System?

1.To prevent danger and threads internally and externally, provide you and your loved ones peace of minds.
2.To monitor their home anywhere
3.Easy installation for everyone, no need wires
4.To extend this system freely when demand increases