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Research on exhibitions on security industy after covid 19
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Research on exhibitions on security industy after covid 19

Views: 30     Author: DAYTECH GROUP CO., LIMITED     Publish Time: 2023-11-02      Origin: www.daytech-group.com

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Dear Fellows in security industry, I am Springly, owner of Daytech elderly security.

We are a non-medical living assisted electronics producer for elderly security.

We just have a small expo booth in Hong kong last month, becasue most of customers prefer online meetings now since we are doing a great job online due to the covid 19 situation. And it's easier to solve problems since we can video chat on whatsapp and video meetings whenever they felt like it.

But there two main reasons why we still attend the expo.

One is that we still want to raise people's awareness to the elderly, senior members, your parents or your grand parents. 

It's not just about business, though it's a very promising market. The elderly market is 1.63B USD in 2019, and it will tripple to 5B USD in 2025 in USA.

And we are growing with it, and also it makes my work meaningful as one more older people we help, one more happy family we save.

The second reason is that we want to hear and get feedback from everyone who comes to our booth, either it's about the product or the market, or the things we are doing.

It's also about business, though it's more about customer happiness. Every client comes to us for a good product so that can offer sincere service to the end customer.

What we offer now, it's not only about reasonable price, good lead time, excellent quality and after sales services, we want to know how we can help to make us grow mutually.

So if you have any idea, please share with me by sending me a message or whatsapp me +8613205067513

I would love to know your ideas and I will share all of feedback to you after this research.

Thank you so much for you time and your support.


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