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TY03+E-01AB Daytech Tuya Wireless Caregiver Pager with Call Buttons Wifi Smart Pager
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TY03+E-01AB Daytech Tuya Wireless Caregiver Pager with Call Buttons Wifi Smart Pager

  • TY03+E-01AB

  • Daytech

What is this tuya system?
Tuya is a smart home system including all kinds of eletronics device.
Tuya pagers can work with tuya app in smart phones to alert you as long as the pagers are connect to your wifi at home, and you can moniter and get alert whenever you go when your smart phone can work properly.
This pager system has transmitters(eg. SOS buttons/sensors) and receivers (buzzer/bell/ringer).
How this tuya system works?
1. When the transmitter is triggered, will send RF wireless signal to receiver to alarm, ring/vibrate/flash.
2. When the receiver is connecting to wifi at home, it will alert you by sending a notice to your tuya app.
3. One transmitter can work with one or multiple receivers, and also multi transmitters can work with one or multiple receivers.
4. Follow the paring process and pair them as a system so they can work with each other.
5. Also, you can order part when you demands increase. Or make them into smaller systems.
Why your clients need this tuya system?
1.When the caregiver needs to go out, tuya pager can reach the caregiver anywhere
2.They can set Tuya pager  with specific alarm delay time and volume on tuya app. Normal pager is able to adjust the volume only.
3.They can use this tuya pager to work with a lot more tuya devices such as cctv camera, wireless sirens, motion detectors.

Product Description

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Daytech Tuya Wireless Caregiver Pager with Call Buttons - Taking Better Care for Your Loved One More Easy

Stand Alone Personal Nurse Alert System

This caregiver pager kit comes with DC pager and wireless call buttons,no monthly fees. It keeps you peace of mind at home ,and make your loved ones feel safe. With the call alert button handy, the seniors, elderly and your loved ones can push for help easy.

No matter if you are looking for a simple bed alarms or fall alert devices for elderly at home, this is an affordable fall prevention kit solution.

When you are at home,go out,or do not live with your loved ones, when your loved one need help by pressing the wireless call button, the caregiver pager can alert you at home and your smartphone will receive an alert reminder, no matter where you are, you can reflect immediately and your loved ones can get timely help.

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What Can This TUYA Nurse Alarm System Do for You?

Emergency Alert /Life Alert Systems for Seniors

Pagers allows caregivers the freedom to tend to other duties while feeling confident they will be alerted when your loved one needs assistance anytime anywhere.

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Take Care Your Loved One Easily

Taking care of a loved one or a patient is not an easy task. That is why it is very convenient to have a this app caregiver pager that will help you attend to your loved one,patients or guests.

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Wireless Call Pendant

Emergency button is wearable as a pendant. The SOS push button allows your loved ones to raise an alarm in the event of emergency. It works like a buzzer, bed alarms for elderly to send signal to caregiver pager and smartphone for help.

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Cost-effective Call Solution

Having this Daytech tuya wireless caregiver pager will help make your life easier without monthly fees , but it will also give you peace of mind,no matter where you are at home or out of home.

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  • Call Button for Elderly at Home:When the elderly need help, just press the call button.

  • Panic Button for Elderly: When the elderly are in an emergency, just press the panic button.

  • Bed Alarms and Fall Prevention for Elderly:You can install this button next to the bed of an elderly person. When the elderly in the house is lying in bed and needs help, he just needs to press the button and his family will receive an alert.

  • Fall Alert Devices for Elderly: The elderly can hang the button around his neck and when he falls or needs help, all he has to do is press the button and his family will receive an alert.

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About this item

  • How this WIFI APP Caregiver Pager Works: When the elderly/disabled/kids press the call button, the hub will sound an alarm, at the same time, the smartphone APP will receive a warning alert, no matter the phone is in another city or province, you can receive a instant warning alert anywhere, and it will also record every calling record.

  • Keep You Peace of Mind & Give You More Freedom: This WIFI caregiver pager can be used as a simple indoor wireless caregiver call button system, but also as a remote call system that can span different cities, states, and even countries.

  • Easy for the Elderly or Those Who Need Help to Use:The SOS Panic Button Alarm is a good present for anyone who has elderly or someone needs help, so they have a piece of mind knowing that when their parents are home alone they can still be safe ,or easily notify you if they need help like if they fall or get hurt.It easily works off your smartphone, so in case of emergency it can sends help right away with a push of the call button with finger.

  • Share Function & Expandable,:You can set the sharing function of the tuya app so that when your loved one presses the panic button, everyone you share it with can receive the alert message; besides this WIFI call system is expandable, you can add more hubs, or call buttons to meet the needs of various different usage scenarios.


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