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Daytech TY01-1-2 WiFi Smart TUYA nurse pager for Elderly
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Daytech TY01-1-2 WiFi Smart TUYA nurse pager for Elderly

  • TY01-1-2

  • Daytech

The Best Gift:The WiFi Smart Wireless Caregiver Pager SOS Call Button Alarm is a good present. The caregiver pager can be applied to villa, Nursing Home, hospital, leisure center, hotel, office, house, etc.No matter for the elderly or lovers and family, is a love for them and can protect their best choice. If there is any problem in the use process, please contact CallToU customer service by email, and we will provide you with high-quality after-sales service

Product Description

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  • Easy to Use : When a parent or loved one needs you and you are not around, they can simply press the SOS panic button with their finger and you phone and receiver can receive alert message immediately

  • Multiple People Protection : WiFi Smart Wireless Caregiver Pager Call Button System take better care of your family. You can add multiple devices through tuya app and share them with multiple people. When your parents press the emergency button, your brother and sister's smartphones will receive the warning alert at the same time, which can prevent one person from not receiving the warning alert in time.

  • Receive Signals Anytime and Anywhere : When the elderly/disabled/children press the call button, the receiver and smartphone will receive the call signal at the same time. No matter your smartphone is in other cities or provinces, as long as your smartphone is connected to WiFi, you can receive warning alerts anywhere.

  • Low Battery Reminder : When the power of the wireless call bell alert button is low, the LED lights up. The receiver can be a mobile phone, so there is no need to worry about not receiving SOS alert.

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