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Daytech Cat Dog Buttons for Communication Talking Buttons for Dogs
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Daytech Cat Dog Buttons for Communication Talking Buttons for Dogs

Model number:
  • RB01-8

  • Daytech

  • Teach your pet to speak Use your own voice to record simple words, such as "outside", "play", "can", "can't", "eat" etc. Then train your dog to use these buttons to speak their needs.
  • Recordable Sound Button This button is perfect for recording voice content for up to 30 seconds, hold down the colorful top board wait for BEEP, and record. It's small and easy to carry.
  • Stronger & Resilient Button Whether it's a heavy-footed Great Dane, a high-energy boxer, or a super-smart cattle dog, our dog word buttons are reinforced to help withstand the small taps and big steps as they learn every move buttons work for them.
  • Child Game Buzzer Game interaction, Parents can use it to send a secret message or leave a short reminder message to enlighten the baby. You can change the recording at any time you want
  • High-Quality Sound Enjoy a loud, high-quality sound when using your talking button to record a message or phrase! And the volume of the playback is loud and clear, making it easy for all-size dogs to join in the fun.

Product Description

RB01-8详 (1)

Are you troubled by can not understanding your dog's needs?

Do you wanna get a deeper bond with your pet?

Why not try this talking button for dog training now!!!

  • 30 Second Clear Recording: The Record button allows you to record up to 30 seconds of clear sound. You record other sounds or sound effects. And it's very portable with its small size. So it is also perfect for families to get together and play games when they go out on picnics and outings.

  • Interactivity: By recording simple words or sentences such as "want to play", "want to eat", "want to drink", "daddy ", "mum", or any other word you want to say. Lead your pet to interact with you. Or have a snatch-and-grab game with a friend. The record button provides more fun in your life.

  • Easy To Use: Press the 'REC' button and start recording when you hear a beeping sound. Release the 'REC' button when the recording is complete and hear 2 beeps to signify the end of the recording. Press the button to hear your recorded sound.

RB01-8详 (2)RB01-8详 (3)

RB01-8详 (4)

Record Words

Record words that are motivating, interesting, and frequently used in these dog buttons.

Such as "Food" "Drink" "Outside" "Play" "Bed" "Poop" "LOVE YOU" “Open the door” etc.

Honor your learner’s current communicative behavior. If you notice your learner trying to tell you something through whining, pawing, sitting, or looking at you, try responding to them! You don’t have to give in to their requests for treats, but they’re trying to get your attention, so get in the habit of acknowledging and honoring their “language.” This builds mutual trust and good communication habits

RB01-8详 (5)

Start Training

Start off with 1 - 3 buttons. Some learners actually understand faster when you have more than one button. Providing more avenues of communication can be motivating!

Introducing “opposite” concepts together may help your learner differentiate between words (For example food/water, play/bed)

Don't forget to reward small successes when they do a great job.

RB01-8详 (6)

Patience & Persistence

Every learner is unique. You know your learner best! Your learner will have his/her own pace and own style of communication. Avoid comparing your learner with the other dogs and cats out there who are using buttons as well.

Prompt casually. If they’re trying to communicate with you by looking, whining, or pawing, you can walk over and stand near the buttons. Give them time to respond (count slowly to 10 before doing anything else)

Don’t jump in to correct or demonstrate immediately. Give your learner a chance to try and fail before modeling for them again.

How do I use it?

  1. Press the ' REC ' button and start recording sound after hearing 1 beep.

  2. Release the REC button when the recording is complete and you will hear 2 beeps. Note: You need to keep the 'REC' button pressed until you have finished recording.

  3. Press the button to hear the sound when the recording is complete. If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know.

Why choose our buttons?

  • Up to 30 seconds recording time.

  • Easy to operate, good recording effect.

  • Bottom recording button to prevent accidental touching.

  • Easy to install the battery, no tools are needed to remove it. Only 2 AAA batteries are needed.

  • Excellent interactivity and lovely appearance. Brings joy to those around you. Makes a very fun gift.

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