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Daytech Pet DoorBells Potty Training Wireless Doggie Door Bell

  • DOG DOORBELLS SYSTEM - Dog doorbell for potty training and going outside. Our doggie doorbell and training bells are useful for training dogs of any age but are really successful as potty training bells for puppies between 8-12 weeks old.

  • CC03+CB03-1-2
  • Daytech

CC03详 (1)CC03详 (2)CC03详 (3)CC03详 (4)CC03详 (5)

  • TRIGGER SIMPLE - The dog bells just need lightly touch or slip over the touchpad to activate the

    doorbell through the nose or claw. No need to press! Either dogs or cats also can do it.

  • CUSTOMIZABLE - This dog doorbell system has 55 customizable tones and 5 volume levels (0-110dB).

    This will ensure that you do not miss a signal, and you can choose how loud you want the alert to be.

    Also has a memory function that will remember your last doorbell ring after a power outage.

  • LONG RANGE - Receiver and transmitter in a barrier-free environment, the maximum effective working distance can reach 500ft.

  • WATERPROOF - The waterproof grade of the doorbell button is IP55. Use it in an outdoor environment,

    don't worry about the dog doorbell stopping working caused of water.