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Daytech Dog Communication Buttons Mat,Anti-Skid Rubber Backing Dog Buttons Mat
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Daytech Dog Communication Buttons Mat,Anti-Skid Rubber Backing Dog Buttons Mat

Model number:
  • RB01-PJ

  • Daytech

【"Daytech" Non-skid Dog Communication Buttons Mat】Dog buttons mat with dog communication button decals for ease of training; For use with any dog talking buttons for communication (dog buttons not included)

Product Description


Dog Buttons Mat

Buttons No Movement and Lose:

We interact with pets by dog communication buttons, which is easy to move on the wooden floor or ceramic tile floor. The dog talking button mat is used to prevent the button from being lost or moved during use.

Pet Talking Buttons Training Mat:

We often encounter our customers asking, how should I train my pet to understand how to use dog speaking buttons?

It requires daily training and patience. But it all needs the right way.We are printted patterns on the dog communication buttons mat.

At the beginning of training, we can let the dog remember the specific position and get familiar with the sound slowly.

Protect Voice For Dog Talking Buttons Set:

Using talking buttons on the carpet will affect the sound effect, because the horn is at the bottom.

For this reason, we hope to provide dog talking button set mats to help that even using dog word buttons on the carpet will not affect the sound to become smaller and worse.

PJ (1)PJ (2)PJ (3)pj_副本

【8 Dog Buttons Placement】Dog word buttons training mat has 8 printed placement for dog voice command buttons orderly to improve training effect. Put more dog speaking buttons together to increase the weight of dog word buttons training mat and reduce the possibility of movement.
【NON-SKID RUBBER BACK】Non-skid rubber backing also help hold the pet talking buttons training mat; And when used dog talking button set mat on the carpet, dog speaking buttons mat will protect the sound,reduce the carpet affect sound effect.
【DURABLE MATERIAL】The dog training mat is made of durable natural rubber + cloth surface materials, the border is stitched,which is soft texture, durable. The size of training button pad is 23x 11inch , each button placements 3.5inch in Diameter. It weighs 0.66LB. Package includes 20 Pairs round tapes points and indicatived dog buttons sticker.
【Convenient Use】Easily wipes clean without having to move the dog talking button mat, or any of the word buttons for dogs; mat also could be used with buzzers for cats and other applications It is easy to clean and dries quickly, and can be washed in the washing machine.

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