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The Most Unforgetable Christmas I Ever Had
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The Most Unforgetable Christmas I Ever Had

Views: 600     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-12-25      Origin: Site

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The Most Unforgetable Christmas I Ever Had


The Most Unforgetable Christmas I Ever Had

- a letter from General Manager&Founder Mrs Springly

My Dearest,

I wanted to do something different for my Daytech families. 

So I dressed like Santa. And I came with gifts.

There is too much to say to them in 2023, and there is much to do in 2024.

Also, there is so many thank-yous I need to say to every one of you, my friends, my collegues, my clients and my suppliers.

As 8 years past by since I founded Daytech with a mission to make a good life for elderly, I felt a weight on me and my daytech families that there is a lot we can do for older people to solve their problems in daily life.

Thankfully, I have my families and friends, my clients and my suppliers. Everything you did make our mission easier every single day with every family we saved.

It's such a meaningful career that we are building. 

If you want to be part of it in any form, pls reach out to me, and I'll be here waiting.

Merry Christmas!!!~

——Dearest Springly Daytech


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